Welcome Matt Eales


Matt joins us with over 20 years of experience in the Aviation Industry specializing in Powerplant Asset Management, Engine Teardown, Engine and Component Repair management and has overseen the introduction of start-up Engine Shops and component repair shops from cradle to grave.

Matt is well traveled and currently resides in Luxembourg with his Fiancée and 2 sons, Jake and Noah.

Outside of work Matt has a passion for music (described as not for the feint hearted!!) and also enjoys playing music and video games.

Want to connect with Matt and the rest of our team? Shoot Matt a note at Matt.Eales@avair.aero.

AvAir CEO Selected: 20 young business leaders to watch in 2020


We have all read about — or talked about (mostly behind their backs) — the stereotypes that have been assigned to the younger members of today’s workforce (think age 40 and younger). Too many people view today’s young business leaders as a generation of cornhole-in-the-office-playing, craft-beer-drinking, selfie-stick wielding narcissists who are way too self-involved because they grew up in an era when everyone goes home with a trophy.

Think again.

Mike Bianco CEO, AvAir

Source of pride: “AvAir’s culture and reputation as a global leader in the aviation aftermarket with small company values are what makes me proud to be its newly appointed CEO. I joined AvAir just after high school as its first official employee. Since those early days in the warehouse, I’ve learned what it takes to maintain a business with minimal employee or client turnover in a quickly evolving industry.”

Watching in 2020: “Sustainability is one of the most important global issues, and companies in the aviation industry have been finding ways to reduce their carbon footprints for years. Those initiatives include finding partners whose operations are environmentally conscious. AvAir’s headquarters runs entirely on solar energy, and I expect to see more companies following suit.”

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We’re proud to be the exclusive aftermarket supplier for Whippany Actuation Systems


PHOENIX — AvAir, a global supplier of aftermarket aviation parts, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Whippany Actuation Systems, a New Jersey-based aerospace and aviation design and manufacturing company.

AvAir’s strong global customer base of airline and maintenance, repair and operations customers will help facilitate sales for Whippany Actuation Systems, which manufactures aircraft parts that are in high demand among AvAir’s 2,400 clients worldwide.

“Our clients expect the best access to material, and this partnership with Whippany Actuation Systems expands our capabilities,” said Steven Solomon, vice president of sales at AvAir. “Our company values always come first, and we’re fortunate to have found a partner that also places stock in customer service, consumer trust, corporate responsibility and fair pricing.”

The partnership between AvAir and Whippany Actuation Systems includes aftermarket sale of overhaul and shop visit materials, a joint exchange pool and special rate discounting on overhaul and repairs.

“Whippany Actuation Systems is pleased to announce a new strategic aftermarket partnership with AvAir,” said Erik Schwind, commercial business unit manager at Whippany. “AvAir’s global AOG service provides Whippany with an opportunity to support operators’ urgent needs with reliable OEM tagged units to keep fleets flying safely and longer across the globe.”

For more information about AvAir, visit AvAir.aero. For more information about Whippany Actuation Systems, visit WhipActSys.com.

Welcome Anthony Barker


Before discovering a passion for sales, Anthony Barker was a student athlete and local baseball state champion (Desert Vista high school, 2001). He continued to play in college after earning a scholarship to Henderson State in Arkansas. His competitive spirit led him to an eight year career at Cintas, where he was a two-time presidents club award winner. He’s excited for this new chapter at AvAir.

Outside of work, Anthony enjoys cooking, hunting and fishing. He lives in the Chandler area with his wife Sy and two sons, Mason and Miles.

Want to connect with Justin and the rest of our team? Shoot Austin a note at Anthony.Barker@avair.aero.

Please Welcome Justin Bendt


Justin has been a customer service professional since 2004 starting with Costco Wholesale in Issaquah Washington, and has been in the customer service field for over fifteen years.

Justin studied Programming and Business at Bellevue College in Washington State where he was born and raised.

Justin became part of a successful startup company out of Gilbert AZ in 2016 called Washmycar.com

In 2019 Justin became a certified personal trainer and coach at Azfitco, a crossfit and Olympic style lifting gym in Chandler where he enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Justin resides in South Chandler Arizona with his girlfriend Melissa and their dachshund Tucker.

Want to connect with Justin and the rest of our team? Shoot Austin a note at Justin.Bendt@avair.aero.

Please welcome Austin Kruge


I spent the first twenty years of my life growing up in a small town in New Jersey, relocating to Arizona in 2013.

Since I was a young child, I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and spending as much time as possible fishing, hiking, etc. I also enjoy traveling the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people along the way.

My family is very small consisting of my father, who now lives in Arizona, an older brother in Pennsylvania and an older sister in New Jersey who just gave birth to her first child; my first nephew!

I sincerely love the aviation industry and being able to work closely with other professionals who share the same ideas and goals. I am very much looking forward to this new opportunity!

Want to connect with Austin and the rest of our team? Shoot Austin a note at Austin.Kruge@avair.aero.