Robert F. Ellis


Bob had an early fascination with aviation, nurtured by his father’s lifelong career with the Air Force. Yet Bob’s own career path into aviation came by a circuitous route.

Through his first employer, Morgan Stanley, Bob had the opportunity to build a solid foundation in trading commodities as a stockbroker. His next career move led him to an account executive position with an aviation aftermarket supplier.

According to Bob, it was an easy transition to make, as success in both industries depends on two critical factors: offering a fair trade on commodities and developing client relationships. Excelling in both sales and client support in his new role, Bob quickly advanced into the leadership role of Vice President of Sales.

In 2000, Bob left that company to build AvAir, from the ground up. He founded AvAir on the core principles of integrity, value and strong client relationships. Hiring a team of young professionals, he personally trained each one, offering a positive work environment based on open communication, fairness and trust. His sincere interest in people—clients and team members alike—has helped AvAir grow into the world leader it is today.

As CEO, Bob provides overall guidance to employees and communicates the high level purpose of AvAir. An avid traveler, Bob enjoys engaging with customers from other nations to see firsthand how the changing nature of the aviation aftermarket is opening up new discussions on how to best help clients meet their inventory needs.

Bob, a graduate of the University of Arizona, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics with a minor in Finance.