Nick Neidhart

VP of Asset Management

Fresh out of college in 2002, the prevailing bear market offered slim opportunities for Nick to find rewarding employment in his area of interest, which was the securities and investments industry. So he switched gears and put his newly minted business and psychology degrees to work for him.

His friendship with now-AvAir President Mike Bianco offered Nick an entry into the aviation industry. Following in the footsteps of AvAir founder Bob Ellis, Nick began trading commercial aircraft components instead of securities.

Starting with two other team members—Mike and Graham—Nick was hired as AvAir’s Director of Sales, focusing on the acquisition and sales of mechanical and avionic commercial aircraft spares. Today, as the Vice President of Asset Management, Nick solicits, develops, and manages commercial airline and MRO accounts along with managing aircraft entrusted assets.

Nick builds rapport with customers over the phone, online, and in face-to-face meetings. He loves to travel, speaks Spanish, and finds the aviation industry offers a fascinating mix of autonomy and shared responsibility. That, combined with AvAir’s central ownership and management, gives Nick the opportunity to build a network with clients throughout the world.

Nick graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with a minor in Business.