Mike Bianco


Initially brought on to be the “right hand” of AvAir founder Bob Ellis in 2000, Mike quickly showed an aptitude for generating new clients and developing strong relationships with partners. In less than a year, Mike was promoted to Director of Sales.

Driven by a love of travel and the opportunity to experience other cultures, Mike has a deep interest in learning how technology is evolving the landscape of the aviation aftermarket. At AvAir, he is also helping to shape that evolution.

Promoted to Vice President in 2010, Mike was instrumental in developing AvAir’s partout and leasing programs. His ability to identify new growth opportunities for AvAir is a natural extension of his willingness to listen to clients and see the industry from their side of the table.

To further lead the company through long-term strategic planning, Mike became the President of AvAir in 2013. A self-described chameleon that adapts well to a multitude of settings and personalities, Mike thrives on challenging himself, and his colleagues, to grow by stepping outside their comfort zone.

Mike is a member of the International Society of Transportation Aircraft Trading.